The Bloomettes

It is the chronicle of two young friends, who have known each other since their school years. Both, passionate about travel, sport, world cuisine and elegant pastries, observe the new taste trends of modern society.

One day, the American company for which Allison works releases a new range of “CBD” products. Intrigued and curious by nature, she decided to do some research and began to take an interest in this extraordinary plant that is hemp. Years later, her dynamism and determination allowed her to lead a real career as an entrepreneur and speaker on CBD! 

At the same time, Amber chose a career around pastry, in luxury hotels, and is also developing in the world of community management and graphic design. Being Franco-American, she also knows the characteristics of the precious CBD. Her numerous trips to the USA have shown her that CBD is widely used there, by people of different age groups. In fact, her mother and grandmother, both American, have already been using it for years to relieve their various chronic pains.

Amber and Allison often share, exchange and discuss their many common passions.
And one day, an idea emerges, a little seed has just been sown...
Then very quickly it becomes obvious!
Both, driven by the same passions
and totally won over by CBD,
decide to embark on this deliciously daring project! 

The Bloomettes quickly noticed that CBD still remains somewhat unknown in France.

They then ask themselves: how is it possible that an ancestral plant with such characteristics is so little adored? 

Many obstacles to overcome, many questions, hours, weeks, months of research and development. Add to that, quality ingredients, boundless creativity and unique know-how. Sprinkle it all with a little pinch of madness, and voilà :

A crazy project was born! Bloom&Cie.